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My paintings explore colors and forms, real and unreal...in a search for beauty and visual experiences. Please contact me to purchase prints or paintings, or view them at Mecox Gardens in Dallas.


2018 Art. I'm back!

I took a time-out from making art during 2016 and 2017, as we began and finally finished moving to Maui.  Now we're here in lovely Kula, on the slopes of the 10,000' mountain, a long-dormant volcano known as Haleakala.  Life is good here and I hope my art begins to reflect the natural beauty and marvels of the Hawaiian islands.

These are my first prints made here in Maui, using a new (to me) but ancient Japanese technique of watercolor woodcut, known as Moku Hanga.  The 2nd print was recently accepted to an exhibit (Caring for the Realm of the Gods) at The Hui, a Maui art facility. 


New Paintings 2016

More attempts to make shapes as beautiful as Mother Nature achieves with no effort whatsoever.
Acrylic, pigment, and mediums on canvas.  All for sale at Mecox in Dallas.

Gold Rush 48" x 36"

Red Waves 48" x 48"

Summer Days 48" x 48"


2016 Printmaking

Experiments with color transparencies and drawn and poured marks on photo-litho plates.  Very small editions.


Showing at North Haven Gardens

This show will be up until July 17.  Come by and see the show, buy a plant, enjoy the summer!


New Silkscreens - Circles, circles, circles

Summer 2015 Work

New paintings

Still Pond 40"x36"

Warm Flow 24"x36"

and a new print
Wildflower Frenzy 22"x15"


Coral Prints - at Mecox Dallas

Love the branching structure of coral.  It's like underwater trees without the leaves.  In beautiful colors.  These prints are done in lithograph and liquid tusche in order to enhance the watery image with a watery medium.




In these two paintings, I'm working with the concept of how we interpret color and pattern.  Scientists have lately understood the human interprets visual information in two different parts of the brain: line in the ancient, fight or flight mode, and color in an evolutionarily newer area of the brain.  I observe that line supersedes color in the interpretation and visual experience of an art work.  I'm happily exploring this idea while manipulating my paint to stress its fluid properties.

Astral Arc 36x40

Floating Daisies 30x40


Prints from my Garden

Three more new prints inspired by the flowers that grow in my garden.


Blue Vase
Seed Pods Red


Litho workshop

Kathryn Polk came to Brookhaven as a visiting artist in December to give a color lithography workshop.  This print and its companion are the result of learning more about smart plates and color litho.

Majestic diversity

Flowers are possibly nature's best imagination.  They come in all kinds of crazy shapes and colors, yet we still call them simply, flowers. 

gift to Taren Sterrett


Light Comes Streaming In

I'm trying to work with fewer forms and more color and stroke.  It's less about the image being portrayed and more about the emotional response to the painting.  I find this approach much more difficult than painting realistic forms.  Hard is good.

Light Comes Streaming In  40"x40"

What Happens to Paintings

Sipapu Stream - 1
Sometimes paintings just have to change - in this case from a very flat view of space to a view of objects with more weight and shape.   I enjoy aspects of both views, but the second one is where it ends up this time.
Sipapu Streaming - 2

Prints again

I'm still in love with this ceramic dog from Aspen - he showed up again in this print named "Sniff".   16"x26" framed.


New Prints

Back to Printmaking.  These prints are a combination of Lithography and Silkscreen.  Underlayers are produced in color inks from drawn Litho plates, then overscreened with a different image and different colors.  All inspired by nature and this past summer's travels in the American West.